With my signature soothing tone and sentimental smile, I dove headfirst into life as a Detroit wedding photographer in 2018. But I learned long before, while traveling the world with a camera in hand, that photography is an art form that transcends language barriers and tells stories across time in a way nothing else can. It keeps family members close and passes on our history, even when we can no longer tell it ourselves. 

Inspired by your love stories, the impressionist painters, and ever-graceful old Hollywood actresses like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, I’ve created a signature photography experience that feels effortless, elegant, and emotive. With a true-to-life editing style, your photos will transport you back in time, bringing all the sights, sounds, and emotions of your day rushing right back. 

hi there

I’m Penny, your new favorite Detroit wedding photographer. 

I want to document all the details you so meticulously curated with care—from the table filled with photos of family members who have passed to the perfect vintage candlesticks you collected for the centerpieces. 

I can’t wait to collaborate with both you and your planner to ensure the day flows smoothly without a single missed photo op or hurried moment. And I look forward to helping you step outside the whirlwind and fully enter into the magnitude of the present moment. You really can have the beautiful photos you’ve always wanted without photography disrupting or diminishing your day. As one of ten children, I’ve basically got a Ph.D. in bringing calm to chaos. 

And I can’t wait to show you how I do it all.

In the in-between moments, you might spot me sifting through thrift store racks with a blonde latte in hand (not to brag, but they totally know my name at my local Goodwill), rereading my favorite Jane Austen novel, or cozying down for a movie night with my family...and a bag of Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips. The darker, the better if you ask me! 

Enough about me! Let’s find a time to meet and plan your wedding photography experience! And don’t worry—if you’re searching for family or senior photography, I offer that, too! No matter which chapter in your story you’re looking to tell, I hope to be the one to tell it. 

I’m not always clicking a camera or editing away on my latest gallery!


Penny is literally a miracle worker. 

“As soon as she arrives on the scene, she exudes a peace and calm that sets everyone at ease and just knows how to get things done in such a way as to lift burdens and create beauty in each moment.”

-Robin, mother of the bride